40 Pregnancies in 12 months

42.4% vs. 15.9% Acupuncture increases IVF live birth rates by 50%

“I was told by doctors I would never carry a baby, yet here I am 19 weeks pregnant. Thank you Hannah” – Gemma

Let us help you acheive a healthy pregnancy & create your family

We work with women and couples to change their current diagnosis and assist them in acheiving pregnancy.

With forty pregnancies last year and multiples each month, we can assist you in creating the optimal environment in which conception can take place, and support you through a healthy, joyous pregnancy.

Our specialist knowledge ensures we understand your health from a western and Chinese medicine perspective. Scientific research findings demonstrate a 50% increase in pregnancy rates when acupuncture is administered alongside IVF.

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Hertfordshire Natural Fertility Clinic offers unique knowledge in fertility acupuncture & IVF support. Every treatment is individualised according to your pattern, your presentation & your treatment goals to ensure you receive personalised support and effective treatments.

Having previously worked within IVF clinics, & now an acupuncture affiliate with local IVF clinics, our specialist knowledge ensures you receive an individualised treatment to optimise your fertility and assisted fertility outcomes.

Here at Hertfordshire Natural Fertility Clinic, we look at you, as a whole. What affects one system will, undoubtedly, affect others. We are a whole, each part of us must be considered, to create the best environment in which conception can take place.

“After a few months of seeing Hannah, I became pregnant.

I cannot speak highly enough of Hannah and her work, and would recommend her to anyone struggling with fertility.”



Hannah Watson offers unqiue specialist Chinese Medicine treatments for women’s health and fertility.

Since obtaining her degree in Australia, Hannah has worked in Melbourne’s leading Acupuncture IVF Support clinic, alongside Monash IVF, Melbourne IVF, Herts & Essex Fertility and Create Fertility.

Hannah’s passion for women’s health is palpable, her treatments are intuitive, comprehensive and integrate scientific research findings to ensure you receive the optimal treatment specifically for you. Now the director of Hertfordshire Natural Fertility clinic, Hannah’s results are testiment to her approach, having acheived forty pregnancies in 12 months, with women who have experienced an array of fertility issues.

Read Vicky’s experience with Hannah here.

“I noticed positive changes in my body after the first session. After a few months of seeing Hannah, I became pregnant.”


“I honestly believe I would not have my baby if it wasn’t for Hannah” Lucy