40 Pregnancies achieved in 12 months natural & assisted fertility

42.5% vs. 26.3% Acupuncture increases IVF pregnancy rates

“I was told by doctors I would never carry a baby, yet here I am 19 weeks pregnant. Thank you Hannah” – Gemma

Hertfordshire Natural Fertility Clinic

Hertfordshire Natural Fertility Clinic offers unique knowledge in fertility acupuncture & IVF support. Every treatment is individualised according to your pattern, your presentation & your treatment goals to ensure you receive personalised support and effective treatments.

Having previously worked within IVF clinics, & now an acupuncture affiliate with local IVF clinics, our specialist knowledge ensures you receive an individualised treatment to optimise your fertility and assisted fertility outcomes.

We offer couples a supportive space to assist with conception, often in the absence of a specific diagnosis. By looking at you, your patterns & presentation, Chinese Medicine offers an alternative viewpoint, one which includes the entire scope of your current health. Great emphasis is placed not only reproductive health, but emotional, digestive & lifestyle wellbeing.

Here at Hertfordshire Natural Fertility Clinic, we look at you, as a whole. What affects one system will, undoubtedly, affect others. We are a whole, each part of us must be considered, to create the best environment in which conception can take place.

Acupuncture is a natural, safe treatment that aims to balance the entire system.

Hertfordshire Natural Fertility Clinic can assist you in achieving optimal fertility & reproductive health.

“After a few months of seeing Hannah, I became pregnant.

I cannot speak highly enough of Hannah and her work, and would recommend her to anyone struggling with fertility.”




“I noticed positive changes in my body after the first session. After a few months of seeing Hannah, I became pregnant.”


“I honestly believe I would not have my baby if it wasn’t for Hannah”


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